Offering Resurrection Life!

“Because I live, you will live also.” —John 14:19b

My life was in hell when my husband drank,” said Anita. “There was nothing but physical aggression and he did not provide for our home.” Anita saw no way out of the continuing cycle of hopelessness and despair. But God saw the need of this family in Mexico and sent visitors to their door who brought the powerful Word of God into their home. Joyfully, Anita and her husband Francisco accepted the gift of God’s grace and salvation, bringing peace and new life. “Now that Jesus Christ is in control of my home,” said Anita, “I now know what it means to have peace. My husband treats me well and provides for our needs; before he did not have work. I thank my heavenly Father for the blessing we have received and, as the Word says, ‘As for me and my family, we shall serve Jehovah.’ ”

In this season, we focus more intently on the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead—the foundation for our hope in this world and the world to come. His power to defeat the Enemy of our souls, who offers only death, is also the power for victory in our daily lives.

Millions who have never heard the name of Jesus, who are living without the eternal hope found in Christ, are waiting to discover “new life.” Directing people to this discovery is the vision of World Missionary Press. Offering Scripture booklets in 350 languages demonstrates that God’s love and salvation is for ALL—no matter who they are, where they live, or what language they speak. And, oh, the joy that comes when the Spirit implants the Word into the heart!

Kadeem B. wrote, “I must first [express] how much I have loved your booklets! My first experience with them was when my mother brought one home from her visit to the Salvation Army here in Jamaica. I was so entranced, I spent literally hours going through and through that little booklet, Help from Above. It came to me in a time when I needed it most, as I had only just accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Sadly, it has become a bit worn now, with the cover all but falling off. Recently my mother came with another tiny booklet, The Way to God, and I was sooo excited. Now I have two!

“Excitement aside,” he continued, “I am part of a group of young men and women in my church who have joined together to dedicate time to encourage each other in the Lord. I would love it if each of my brethren, or as many as possible, could have an opportunity to experience these booklets as I have. I am one hundred percent positive that it WILL be as great a help to each of them as it was for me.”

For almost 60 years, World Missionary Press has been providing topical Scripture booklets in multiple languages. The effectiveness of the booklets has led to increased demand year by year, bringing us recently to a level of producing the equivalent of 10 million Scripture booklets the size of Help from Above per month! Shipments are lined up, waiting for clearance to send out to several nations.

New products have been added, which include God Loves You!, a beautifully illustrated coloring book with associated verses, ideal for children and adults; Who Do You Say That I Am?, containing some of the powerful things Jesus said about who He is and why He came to earth; and Alive in Christ, a new study book designed to disciple new believers in their walk with God. Of particular interest is a new handout entitled The Path to Life, which features striking illustrations designed to support the reality of the accompanying Scripture verses. A new online animation feature has been added to this already popular ministry item. QR codes on four of the pages can be scanned, taking the reader to an animation based on the Scripture topic of the page. The four animations can be viewed collectively here:

To request a sample packet with a copy of each of these new products, e-mail

A recent matching-funds campaign, “Blessings for Brazil,” offered opportunity to help provide multiple containers of Scripture booklets for Brazil. This project has been strongly supported, providing for 6.4 million booklets. We want to continue this momentum by raising funds for an additional 3.6 million booklets (for a total of 10 million booklets) that will go throughout this vast and populous nation. We praise God for His provision through those who sense the need and answer the call. There is so much more to be done!

“I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,” wrote Eliana C. “We need a lot of Scripture booklets for evangelizing in our community.… We have many boys involved in trafficking and teenage girls already pregnant. We ask your help to evangelize and win those souls for Christ!”

From India, Bishop Amil W. wrote, “One of my pastor friends told me about you and gave me your website information. We have ministry among students who don’t know Christ. We have a burden to carry the gospel to them; we have a jail ministry among them. We also have ministry to 35 villages where nobody knows Christ as their personal Savior. Dear sir, kindly provide.”

The transforming power of the Word of God is demonstrated in homes and hearts across the globe. The single act of offering a clear and concise presentation of the gospel through a WMP Scripture booklet can rescue a soul from a Christless eternity, possibly beginning a divinely-inspired chain reaction that will affect an entire village.

[You can offer LIFE by providing God’s Word for free distribution throughout the world. Every donated dollar provides for producing 29 powerful Scripture booklets for people around the world in their own language. An investment of $100 will touch the lives of 2,900 people; $1,000 will impact 29,000 people who need to know God.]




Grateful Quotes

God is an awesome provider!

“I left a message and sent an email through the website to see if you had a record of my last order because I wanted to duplicate it. Well, I hadn’t heard back, so I thought I had better figure out the amounts and get online to order because I had used up what I had on my previous Haiti flight. (I’m a flight attendant with Missionary Flights Int’l.)

“I got home that day, and the order was at my door! What a blessing! You’re wonderful. God is an awesome provider!

“Here are a couple of my best stories of giving the booklets to missionaries on our flights, and their joy in the unexpected provision. One group was so excited because they had hoped to get some Kreyol tracts but ran out of time before the trip. Another group had planned to meet with a translator in Haiti and decide what to do for the men’s Bible Study they were planning. I always package several English copies with the Kreyol. The Bible Study of Matthew was perfect! To God be the glory!”

—Cyndy H., Florida




Meet the Team

Noah B.

Full-Color Press Apprentice

When I was younger, I heard about World Missionary Press on the radio. I really liked the mission’s vision of sending out the gospel by literature. I’ve always been fond of missionary work, even as a child.

During college, my perspective changed on what it means to do outreach, as I realized how much need there is to have tools like WMP’s Scripture booklets. I really appreciate how concise and portable the booklets and handouts are. They really help direct conversations when witnessing to others.

I come from a family of seven and have a twin sister. How I came to work at World Missionary Press is a long story, but after we moved from Boston and I saw an open position at WMP online, the choice was easy.

I’ve been working at World Missionary Press for about three months now as an apprentice learning to operate the full-color offset press. What I love best about working here are the people and the ministry goals.

My hobbies are canoeing, art, and wilderness first aid.




WMP Partners Around the World

Bob & Mary H.



In highlighting the many, many WMP partners who receive and share larger quantities of Scripture booklets around the world, we find new appreciation for God’s plan to use families, churches, large ministries, etc. to accomplish His purpose. What a blessing to supply those who are willing to give of themselves and be involved in presenting Christ and His wondrous love in word and deed.

One couple, working through an extension ministry of their local church, has been faithfully packing boxes of WMP Scripture booklets, Bibles studies, and New Testaments for shipment to Haiti for more than ten years. This vision guides the efforts of the ministry:


“God is glorified as despair and suffering are alleviated, hearts and minds are transformed, and churches are established and nurtured.”


WMP: Bob and Mary, please describe how you share WMP literature for Haiti?


Bob & Mary: Our local church’s Haiti committee has been involved in sending sea containers with Bibles and material aid to Haiti since 1987. We first started helping in 1989 with collecting materials and packing the containers. Since 2010, we have been in charge of shipments which go to Hospital Lumiere in Haiti. When the hospital asks us for more WMP literature, we drive up to New Paris to pick up the boxes. A shipment from WMP is enough for 9-10 months.

WMP: How did you learn about WMP material?


Bob & Mary: One of our pastors had visited World Missionary Press and recommended to our committee your resources in Kreyol. The first written order that I have in my file was in 2009, but the missionary requesting the booklets and New Testaments had been distributing them before that. (Over the years, Bob & Mary have packed 776 boxes from WMP with 109,574 pieces of literature.)


WMP: How does having free literature help the hospital staff share the gospel?


Bob & Mary: It’s very helpful to have such an excellent resource of Scriptural materials printed in Kreyol. The hospital chaplains feel the Scripture booklets are a valuable asset in starting spiritual conversations and sharing the gospel individually with the patients. New Testaments and copies of A Bible Study on Matthew are used in discipleship.