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The Word is getting out and being used!

THE SOUTHERNMOST CITY IN COLOMBIA, South America—located where Colombia, Brazil, and Peru meet—is Leticia. Though it is a major port on the Amazon River, Leticia is “an island in a sea of jungle.” The only way to access this city of 33,000 is by plane or boat because the jungle is too dense to build a road through. Into this pivotal area God called a couple from Kansas to help distribute literature to villages up and down the Amazon.


Will and Lydia C. grew up in a strong Bible-based church with an active interest in missions. Will had felt the call to missions when he was nine years old. At a camp meeting the couple met missionaries who had previously been working in Mexico, distributing WMP literature. But after receiving a letter from believers in Colombia who wanted more WMP booklets, they eventually moved to Colombia to serve the Lord there. As newsletters arrived from these missionaries, Will began to feel that THIS was the place God meant for him to work. His suggestion of going down with his son to help with a two-week project was met with a counter-offer.  They needed an entire family to help for two years! God opened doors, and Will and Lydia’s family went. After finishing the two-year project, local contacts invited them to return. Their two-year stay has lasted for 18 years!

Will and Lydia’s ministry is to support pastors, finding out their literature needs, and helping to provide those needs. WMP literature is a huge part of that work! Over the years Will has traveled up and down the Amazon River, building relationships with pastors, encouraging, and teaching. The river trips can be up to a month long as they reach farther and farther into the smaller rivers, introducing the gospel to village after village.


The Lord has blessed the distribution of the Word as churches have sprung up in many of these villages, with pastors taking the Scripture booklets to more and more villages. Since 1998 WMP has provided 1.2 million Scripture booklets, salvation coloring books, Bible studies, and New Testaments for this faithful family ministry. Will explains:

“The free literature has been an enormous blessing, allowing even the small churches to go along the streets, reaching those who are not currently attending any church. Without the benefit of WMP literature, many would not have the confidence to go door to door, because of their limited training. But with WMP literature (the favorites being The Way to God, How to Know God, and Satan versus CHRIST), they know that the booklets will answer any questions that they can’t answer. They leave a booklet with those who express a sufficient interest, both as a physical reminder of the invitation to a church and as a guide in how to know God personally. Most of the churches experience regular, constant growth because people [respond to] the house call by visiting and joining a local congregation.”


“Our work is interdenominational. Because WMP literature is topical Scripture booklets, we are able to provide them to all of the churches regardlThe southernmost city in Colombiaess of their doctrinal stance. Even in villages controlled by a sect traditionally antagonistic towards anyone entering with the gospel, when they saw A Bible Study of Matthew, they said, ‘THIS is something we want!’ Thanks to WMP literature, we are able to work in villages that normally do not receive anyone preaching the gospel.”


This year the pastors along the river want to focus on Bible study, so Will’s family will be reviewing with them the most effective ways to use the booklets and will send four boxes of booklets to each town with an outreach program. WMP will be sending a shipment of booklets and Bible studies in Spanish and Portuguese to reach both sides of the river, enabling Brazilian and Colombian pastors to reach their “Judea and Samaria” with the gospel.

WMP has many faithful distributors in Brazil, Colombia, and Peru. For many years Ademir C. has been sharing The Way to God booklets along the Amazon. He receives 2 million copies from WMP each 12-18 months. This year he has asked for 5 million to reach farther and farther into Amazonia. Brother Eduardo R. in Colombia is receiving a new shipment of 2 million booklets which may last 10-12 months. Evangelists are discovering the effectiveness of the Scripture booklets and requesting more and more each month!


“The other day as I was walking,” Will wrote, “I passed someone who was taking advantage of a WiFi hotspot. To pass the time as he waited for the internet to load, he was reading aloud The Way to God in Spanish. The Word is getting out and is being used. Praise the Lord!”


[You can help supply The Way to God and other Scripture materials for outreach up and down the Amazon River in Colombia, Brazil, and Peru. A gift of $50 will provide for the production of 1,300 booklets; $200 will help produce more than 5,000 booklets!]


Grateful Quotes

“These little booklets of yours are so complete!”

WMP provides Scripture booklets to those who share the gospel along with meeting physical needs for food, fresh water, medical supplies, and shoes, etc. Jesus, our example, both taught the people and acknowledged their physical needs through healing and feeding thousands. Sharing a Scripture booklet with a meal or medical service demonstrates to recipients the truth that God loves them.


“I am making five trips this year with JONIandFRIENDS.org Wheels for the World outreaches. I have just returned from Guatemala, where I was able to give the booklets to vendors on the street, but more importantly, to those pastors ministering to each wheelchair recipient, who was also given a Scripture [booklet] in their own language.

“The pastors I gave the Help From Above booklets to last year in Romania and El Salvador were thrilled to receive them and use them as needed during our distribution of medical equipment, and afterwards in their own ministries. This year I’ll be in El Salvador in March, Romania in May, Poland in June, and Cuba in October. I’m also a member of Gideons International. I do give out their testaments, but these little booklets of yours are so complete and easy to carry!”        —Eileen N., Virginia


Meet the Team

Dana W.

Finance Office Assistant


I found out about WMP from my dear friend, Karen. When my work slowed to only Saturdays, she gave me a tour with a meet-and-greet of everyone we found!  I had driven past the building many times wondering what WMP was about. Once inside, I kept thinking this amazing place is like the bread and fish Jesus multiplied, because God has surely multiplied all that goes on here!


After that tour, I began volunteering during the week, having prayed for years, “Break my heart for what breaks Yours” and “Here I am, LORD, take me.” I felt at home here very quickly, knowing I was in His will. I prayed often for Him to open a door for me to work here in the position He wanted me to fill. I prayed and volunteered  for six weeks before the door to Finance Office Assistant was opened. On June 6, I will have had the privilege of serving here for two years!


I receive phone donations (it’s a joy getting to know our donors!), help process mail, code and enter donations and orders into the computer, update donor records, and pray over and forward prayer requests. What I like best about working at WMP is that I get to play a small part in helping to save souls, and the people here have become my family! We share our hurts, our spiritual battles, our need for miracles, and we lift each other up in love and prayer. I am touched by all the notes, letters, pictures, cards, and even poems our faithful and thoughtful donors send.


In my free time, I enjoy baking, listening to music, reading books, hiking and kayaking with my daughters, and walking and playing in the snow with our dog, Sky. I love flowers, being outdoors, listening to God’s creation, and sharing the beauty of the night sky with my daughters. I love spending free time with my family most! We play games, teach our dog tricks, talk in puns and jokes to make each other laugh, and enjoy each other’s hobbies and the gift of each day.


I am blessed with two daughters and an energetic dog at home, a son living on his own, a daughter-in-law-to-be, and two grand boys. 🙂


WMP Partners Around the World

Rino B., Argentina

Brother Genaro “Rino” B., national director for Every Home for Christ in Argentina, also serves as volunteer national coordinator for World Missionary Press. He has been a pastor in Buenos Aires for more than 40 years. By evangelizing home to home, his church has not only grown, but additional churches have been planted. His church also sends and supports missionaries in Africa and Paraguay.


WMP: Brother Rino, please describe your literature ministry.


Rino: I have served with Every Home for Christ for 37 years. Our emphasis is to train the Church for evangelism and to motivate believers to become volunteer evangelists. We plan evangelistic campaigns with the churches and after a time of prayer, we reach the established areas: homes, schools, hospitals, prisons—wherever there is a human being.


WMP: How long have you been distributing WMP literature?


Rino: More than 20 years ago we started distributing WMP materials with excellent results.


WMP: How has the availability of free literature impacted evangelism in Argentina?


Rino: We thank WMP for sending us free literature so that we can offer it free of charge to the churches that are associated with our task of evangelizing, discipling, and planting new churches. We have reached several million people, and many thousands have been converted and attend different churches throughout the country.


WMP: When you receive a shipment from WMP, how long does that supply last?


Rino: We receive one container every 12-14 months, which lasts 10 to 12 months. EHC Argentina works also in Bolivia and Paraguay. We send materials they need for their campaigns from here. We could use 30% more materials.


WMP: How effective are the topical Scripture booklets? Is there a testimony that stands out to you?


Rino: The results of the distribution are amazing! Our statistics surpass 600,000 people who have received Christ; more than 50-70% were the fruit of receiving WMP literature.


A Christian lady, Beatriz, faithfully visited two hospitals each week, using 80% WMP literature. Several thousand people received Christ. However, her husband Rafael was not a Christian. She gave him literature, asking him to read “the Word of God.” Rafael received it with pleasure and every time he left for work, he would put a booklet in his jacket and when he returned home, he put it back next to his bed. Finally one day Rafael wondered, “What is this booklet that my wife asks me every day to read?” He began to read, until one day he told his wife: “I want to go to church with you!” He went to the church and made a public decision to receive Christ in his heart! For more than ten years from that day, he accompanied his wife, taking the gospel to hospitals and homes.

Rafael remembered with joy the day he gave a WMP booklet to a woman about to die at home. When he returned the next day, the lady said: “Mr. Rafael, you arrived at the right time. I read the brochures that you left me, and I want to receive Christ as my Savior.” Rafael prayed with her, and a few minutes later she went to be with the Lord.


Rafael himself died two years ago as he was returning from a prayer meeting. His wife Beatriz followed him a few months later. Now both are with the Lord Jesus Christ.