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SEVERAL DEACONS in a Bible church in the Philippines drive “tricycles”—small sidecars mounted on motorcycles—to transport passengers to and from their destinations in their city as a taxi service. The church provides them with WMP Scripture booklets to share with their passengers and to facilitate conversations about the Lord Jesus and salvation.

p1aNot long ago, when one deacon handed his passenger a booklet, he discovered that the man was a Christian. He was blessed to enjoy sweet, unexpected fellowship. Another passenger indicated that some of the things in the booklet were different from the teaching in the church he attended. The deacon was able to discuss with him the Scripture contained in the booklet.

In this nation of more than 100 million people, only about 3% are considered evangelical Christians. However, this minority is actively missions-minded, working in many ways to reach each of the 700 populated islands that make up the Philippines.

Bob and Connie C., directors of a ministry in Surigao City, have received WMP literature for 15 years. Connie wrote, “It is wonderful to have the Word of God in the language of the people that we serve. There are so many who are not fluent in English. Some are accustomed to have people want money for booklets like these, so to p1b-blurbreceive them free of charge is a surprise.

“Many people here are too poor to buy Bibles. In addition there are no Christian bookstores in our city in which to buy them. Most missionaries are not overflowing with income, even though God does supply all our needs. We are most thankful that there is no charge for the booklets or even for the postage.

“A friend who is a pastor in a city about 75 miles from us is planting a church and occasionally stops and gets boxes of booklets from us. It is really good that the booklets are non-denominational, but instead [contain] the Word of God. It is always best to go to the original author!

“Our young people’s group does evangelism at times, and they hand out booklets. People here almost always accept them when they find out they are free. We had a teacher in the public schools who used English booklets to teach her students English. So they received a double blessing!p1c

“We are very grateful to you and the many Christians who volunteer to help send out the booklets, and a special thanks to all the Christians who help evangelize in other languages and other countries by donating to World Missionary Press. In this way they can be missionaries also.”

Like thousands of other distributors in the Philippines, Bob and Connie receive WMP literature through WMP’s national coordinator, Brother Rene L. The challenges to provide for thousands of distributors spread throughout an island nation are many. The Philippines is divided into three major areas, with Brother Rene located in Luzon in the northern part of the country.

p2aA ministry located in the central region of Visayas, representing more than 50 churches, is pleading for more WMP Scripture booklets. Since mailing costs within the country are high, keeping a delivery vehicle in good running condition is a priority. Dividing the shipment by languages primarily spoken in each region requires establishing a localized distribution point.  All of this is cared for by Brother Rene on a volunteer basis, as WMP national coordinators serve as volunteers to facilitate the availability of WMP literature in their countries.

WMP’s greatest challenge is providing enough material to meet the continually growing demand in countries like the Philippines. For example, Jojo S. emailed Brother Rene that he had just received the booklets titled Ang Dalan Paingon Sa Dios (Tagalog edition of The Way to God) the week before. He was thankful, as the materials were badly needed for his evangelism ministry. “We hope that you can send us additional materials—maybe 2,000 copies of Ang Dalan Paingon Sa Dios for evangelism in various places here in Mindanao (southern area of the Philippines).”p2-shipstatus

A church youth leader had been praying to find free booklets or tracts when he found the World Missionary Press website as he was browsing the internet. “I believe God directed me here,” he wrote.

 “We have established Bible studies to some houses, so these booklets will be useful. We are also doing feeding programs for children. Thank you so much.”

He further explained, “We are equipping ourselves to go to the field and spread the good news, and do the tasks for the Great Commission. These booklets will be very helpful for evangelism. We will use them for sharing and to easily describe to [people] what we are trying to impart to them.” He ordered booklets in Tagalog, Hiligaynon, and English.

When chaos over import license renewals led to an 18-month delay in getting a container shipment to our coordinator, the pent-up demand quickly depleted the supply soon after it arrived. WMP is currently printing material in 16 languages for another container shipment to Brother Rene. Over several decades WMP has provided more than 26 million pieces of literature for the Philippines, with another two million soon to ship. We praise God for everyone who has shared a booklet and for every soul that has come to the Savior through His Word.

When Brother Rene sent some photos from a prison, he wrote, “Pastor Louie F. was a drug pusher for 20 years before he became a pastor. His passion now is to bring the gospel inside prison through Bible studies and distributing gospel booklets, bringing hope to the hopeless. God is awesome!”


Meet the Team

p3b-SharonSharon S.


In 2004 my son told me about World Missionary Press. When the Press had an open house, I took the tour, and was very impressed.

I had always wanted to be a volunteer with an organization I thought was doing some good in this world. What better way to help this world than putting God’s Word in the hands of people who may never hear it? World Missionary Press is doing just that on a daily basis, and I wanted to be just a small part of it.

I have been volunteering at World Missionary Press since 2006, two afternoons each week. My favorite job is weighing, strapping, and stacking 10-pound boxes of Scripture booklets on skids. I would be happy doing any job that needs to be done. I truly enjoy working with everyone at the Press.

I also enjoy spending time with family and attending grandkids’ sporting events. In my spare time I like crocheting and counting cross stitch. My husband, Charlie, and I will have been married for 55 years this coming August. We have six children, 17 grandchildren, and two great grandchildren. When our kids were younger, we took in foster children as well.


p3aPresident’s Corner

He is Risen!

The angels declared that first Easter Sunday, “Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here, but is risen!”

Jesus Christ, the Son of God – who gave His life to save us – is alive today! Eternal life is ours because of Him, and is offered freely to all who believe. What good news!

We at World Missionary Press are so grateful for your partnership in sharing this good news worldwide. Every day on average more than 240,000 WMP Scripture booklets, Bible studies, New Testaments, and salvation coloring books are given out free-of-charge in countries around the world. God’s Word, given to souls created for eternity, sharing the hope and life that only p3cJesus Christ can bring. Your prayers and gifts are making an eternal difference!

Thank you for joining with us in sharing this good news with the nations! God bless you!

Harold Mack, President


WMP Partners Around the World

p4aSuliman and Pam M.


   Several years ago WMP was contacted about sending a shipment of materials to a group of believers in Pakistan.  That shipment was the first of many that WMP has sent to various places around the world through our partnership with Suliman M., based in Ontario, Canada. His unbounded enthusiasm for reaching Hindus and Muslims continues to generate opportunities for WMP to provide Scripture booklets in Trinidad, Suriname, Guyana, and French Guiana.


WMP: Please describe your background and current ministry.p3-GratefulQuote

Suliman: We are both Muslim converts originally from Guyana, South America, and have resided in Canada for 46 years. Pam was originally a Hindu but converted to Islam when we married. Praise the Lord that some 36 years ago we both gave our lives to the Lord and have been serving Him ever since. We were missionaries in Pakistan for seven years and are currently involved in outreach in many countries. Our motto is to reach every home in the countries we are presently involved in, including Canada. We are just about finished reaching every home in Guyana, Suriname, and Trinidad. We do this by placing a packet containing a Scripture booklet provided by WMP and a DVD in each home.  Bibles are provided upon request. We also equip pastors with teaching materials.


WMP: How long have you been involved in distributing WMP literature?

Suliman: We came in contact with WMP about five years ago through a friend, and we must say this was God-sent. We love the folks at WMP and most of all the materials you provide that bless millions of souls.


WMP: How does free literature assist in evangelism and building the Church?

Suliman: Because of the availability of these booklets, nominal Christians, Muslims, and Hindus are coming to trust the Lord. For example, a Hindu family received the packet and after reading the booklets and viewing the film, they called our team leader. The entire family committed their lives to the Lord and now goes to church. The testimonies from Muslims and Hindus are too many to mention. Praise the Lord! Churches in these countries also use the booklets during special events to reach the lost.


WMP: What is your need for shipments from WMP in the future?

Suliman: The supplies we receive do not last too long in the countries they go to. Here in Canada, supplies go really fast because others interested in reaching the lost also ask us for booklets to use. The Lord is opening many, many more countries to us all over the world, and we will need lots, lots more Scripture booklets.


WMP: What is the effectiveness of the Scripture booklets and Bible studies?p4b-UpcomingFreightShips

Suliman: Scripture booklets from WMP are very effective because they are Scripture-based. As God’s Word says, “Faith comes from hearing and that hearing from the Word of God.” We receive many calls from folks asking for more of a specific booklet in their language. We get about 15 responses a week here in our own city, and team leaders in countries where we are involved have told us that they cannot keep up with the calls because there are too many! Praise the Lord! Bible studies and Scripture booklets from WMP are especially helpful because most in these countries cannot afford a Bible, and these materials come in handy for their spiritual growth.


“We—and those to whom WMP has shipped materials upon our request—say a big, big, big ‘Thank you’ for all your help to us in reaching the lost for His glory.”  —Suliman and Pam