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May 2017 Newsletter


“God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, not imputing their trespasses to them,  and has committed to us the word of reconciliation.”—2 Corinthians 5:19b

p1aMUMBAI (formerly Bombay) is India’s largest city, with more than 18 million people of many faiths. Known as the “City of Dreams,” it is also considered the slum capital of the world, with more than half the population living in the suffocating bondage of poverty and hopelessness.

India Bible Literature, WMP’s national coordinator in India, works with various ministry partners to distribute the life-giving Word of God.
Late in 2016, a group of Christian friends in Mumbai who had ordered materials from IBL gathered to assemble 3,200 packets of tracts and WMP Scripture booklets in three languages—Marathi, Hindi, and English. The English packets included either The Way to God, How to Know God, The Power of God, or Satan versus CHRIST. They found Satan versus CHRIST booklets especially apt for young people and many who are demonically oppressed. “Our basic aim was that when people would receive the gift pack, they would be gifted with a foundation of the Christian faith. . . . We packed every packet with much prayer so that it would touch every life—whoever would take time to read it.” They prayed that the seeds sown would reap a 100-fold harvest.

Apart from the packets, they were able to give boxes of material to many churches for their outreach. The group sensed strongly that God had gone before them, bringing contacts their way—people they would never have met but for God’s providence.

One such incident happened when two friends made the rounds to meet pastors. One pastor was away, so they met with members of a committee who were happy to see their sample packets. While one of them was relating how much a friend of his p2awho worked in the suburbs of Mumbai needed them, that friend walked in and immediately took 2,000 packets! “He glorified God, saying that God had sent us like an angel. We too joined them and praised God for His wonders! We knew that God had His eyes set on this city, which is steeped in idolatry and revelry.”

A week before Christmas, a church they had never heard of contacted them. “We could boldly acknowledge that it was the working of the Holy Spirit. We were able to give them about 1,000 booklets in Marathi, English, and Hindi. They were planning to reach out in ten shopping malls during Christmas. God also connected us with a young couple who had a burden for their neighbors. They picked up about 500 booklets to give their neighbors.”

Their report concluded, “This year was amazing and so encouraging in our ministry. All praise to Jesus Christ! I really feel we are on the brink of a great revival.”


Persecution Increasing in India

Many ministries are reporting an increase in the persecution of Christians in India, leading to caution inp2b-ShipStatus publishing their activities. But they are not slacking in their efforts to take the gospel to every village. Governments may pass anti-conversion laws, but the Word of God is not bound, and faithful followers of the Lamb will continue to share His love no matter what the cost. Having WMP booklets to share is a great encouragement.

Another ministry which ministers to the unreached reported that leaders representing six states of India “were greatly encouraged by the content and size of the booklets. They are carefully using them to win souls and strengthen the seekers in the Word, as they have been praying for such materials for a long time. . . . Please thank all donors and prayer partners on our behalf for their partnership to reach India in our generation. Please pray for the safety of the churches and for the protection of believers and gospel workers as persecution again rises.”

As India’s economic power and presence grows on the world stage, millions of people still live a tribal, often nomadic life, continuing a history of poverty and dependent on superstition for spiritual guidance. An Indian ministry reported to WMP their desire to share words of salvation and hope in Jesus Christ. “Those who know something about the history of the Communist revolution in China,” wrote Pastor P., “say that it was the PRINTED PAGE pouring from the RED PRESS that guaranteed the success of revolution. If there is such a potential in literature which comes from the mind of man, how much more power [is there] in that which springs from the very mind of God?”

p2c-PleasePrayAs World Missionary Press receives pleas for more and more Scripture booklets from ministries and churches in India, we are confronted over and over again with the challenge of how to answer these requests. Laying the letters before the Lord, as King Hezekiah did, we ask the Lord to show us what to do and how to do it.
Circumstances have brought about two distinct ways to do more to reach the 1.3 billion people of India with the gospel. God has provided resources to increase production in our plant in Indiana. As production volume has increased without additional overhead expenses, our cost to produce each additional Scripture booklet has been reduced. This enables us to print more booklets for every dollar donated. As income grows, production can increase even more, and the number of booklets that can be printed for a single dollar increases. We praise God for each donor who contributes to the printing of more and more Scripture booklets.

In addition, the Lord laid it on the heart of WMP’s leadership to create a special focus to impact India through a MAJOR supply of WMP Scripture booklets. Realizing that time may be short and that many parts of India are experiencing increasing resistance to the preaching of the gospel, we developed Project India—a focused effort to provide 100,000,000 booklets for India in 3 years at a cost of $3,000,000. Major ministry partners in India have calculated the need and have teams in place to use all we can produce. The production of 8 million Scripture booklets in India was recently completed. By printing here at a reduced cost as well as printing in India, WMP can significantly increase the amount of material available to attack enemy strongholds and bring light to the darkness.p3a

The challenge is before us. He has committed to us the ministry of reconciliation. The time is short. Millions are dying daily without ever knowing their Creator and the One who gave all to restore them to Himself. We praise God that one of our regular partners has sponsored one of four containers destined for India in line for production here. Will you help?


Meet the Team

p3c-DanTDan T.

Binderies, Cutter

I have known about World Missionary Press since the 1990’s. The church we attended sends a group of volunteers once a month, and I had the opportunity to come with them. I was so excited to learn what WMP was all about.  What could be better than making God’s Word available to as many people as possible? The fact that the Scripture booklets are given away freely appealed to me greatly!

In the fall of 2013, I learned of an opening at WMP. I applied and started as a bindery operator in December, 2013. I have learned so many new things, and I never imagined I would be doing some of the things I now do here.p3b-GratefulQuote

Besides working in the bindery department, one of my main responsibilities is to operate a hydraulic paper cutter. Most of the color printing done here needs to be cut and/or folded in some manner. In fact, the newsletter you are now holding was cut and folded by me!

At the end of each day, I enjoy a great sense of satisfaction, knowing that my labor will impact countless lives for eternity!  I also count it a joy to work with many other staff and volunteers. Where else could I work with so many people who have a passion for reaching the lost?

Another “ministry” I have is to donate platelets at the Red Cross. This is a life-saving matter for people in the physical sense. Donations can be made up to 24 times a year. I have done this for over 30 years. I also recently joined the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization. I enjoy hanging out with my “little.” I look forward to getting to know him better.

I have been happily married to my lovely wife, Tammy, for 31 years. We have three grown children and four grandchildren.  Everyone lives close enough for us to see them often.  Family is important to me, for family is one thing I can take to Heaven with me.


WMP Partners Around the World

p4aJoshua M., Every Home for Christ

Sub-Saharan Africa

World Missionary Press supplies Scripture booklets in many languages to 31 African nations where an Every Home for Christ national director is either a major distributor of WMP materials or serves as WMP’s volunteer national coordinator. Several container shipments are in transit. Several more are listed on future printing schedules, with some already in production.

WMP: Could you please describe your current ministry with EHC?p3d

Joshua: As Ministry Relations Advocate, I serve as communications liaison between Every Home for Christ International headquarters in Colorado Springs and our 43 ministry directors in sub-Saharan Africa. These directors represent 40 nations in Africa, hundreds of staff, and thousands of volunteer evangelists.  I have served in this role since the summer of 2015.

WMP: How does the availability of free literature affect evangelism in sub-Saharan Africa?

Joshua: I know that WMP literature increases the scale of our work in every nation that uses it. There is a cost to everything—even hosting an outreach where volunteers are trained and sent. When the material we use is gifted by WMP, we are able to host more trainings, mobilize more outreaches, and afford the follow-up efforts needed to disciple those who respond to the evangelistic pieces. We often equip partner churches with enough WMP literature to maintain consistent outreach in their respective communities. EHC gives the gift of training, and WMP gives the gift of material that prompts churches to reach their neighbors and add new believers to their churches. This excites and motivates pastors and whole communities throughout Africa.

p4c-UpcomingShipmentsWMP: What challenges face those who distribute literature in these countries?

Joshua: This varies from place to place. Several nations in Africa contain areas of strong social opposition to evangelism. Muslim and Animist communities often resist our workers and Christian material by rejecting, threatening, and even harming workers.

WMP: Can you give us an example of the effectiveness of the Scripture booklets and Bible studies?


Joshua: We heard from EHC Burundi in December 2016 that they were “reaching the schools of Mukenke . . . . The local administration was enthusiastically involved, and all the churches in the location. . . . [Many churches] worked together to share Jesus and give literature and Christian booklets from WMP.  [They] were able to distribute all the literature from the stock in the region. It was well done, and many kids and students came to Jesus. The local administration said that God visited the region.”

Directors who work in volatile and hostile parts of Africa have sent thousands of WMP Scripture booklets like candles into the darkest regions around. In some nations where we have no formal presence, we send WMP Scripture booklets through ministry partners. Reports are few from those areas, but we do know that God’s Word is transforming people’s hearts and illuminating the darkness.


Capital Needs

World Missionary Press
Capital Needs for 2017/2018


World Missionary Press is seeking funding for the following needs. Would you like to help us by giving towards these projects?

Cutter for Booklet Bindery – $97,000

Our custom-built Tatum cutter on Bindery “A” (one of our two booklet binderies) cannot keep up with requirements for sustained high production. The Tatum was originally designed and installed on a slower bindery, which has since been retired from service. The Tatum cutter can only run at about 68% of Bindery “A” top speed before causing frequent stops. The Tatum also requires extended down time for blade changes and other maintenance. We spent the past few months looking into options, and arrived at three possibilities for replacing the Tatum. The best and most cost-effective option is an SCS Automberg Trim and Perf S600, which will cost us $97,000 installed. We recently visited a print shop in Indianapolis with three of our staff, to view a Trim and Perf in operation. We also sent SCS Automberg samples of our booklet signatures to run through one of their cutters; they sent us a video of the machine cutting the signatures into booklets.

Our Board has approved purchase of the Trim and Perf S600. As is our practice, we need to raise at least 80% of the $97,000 before we can proceed with the purchase.

President Harold Mack (blue sweater), Plant Manager Jerry Whitener (not pictured), Bindery Supervisor Kent Biller (right) and Bindery Operator Alun Reese (left) went to Indianapolis to see the Trim and Perf first hand.



Thank you so much for considering the above capital needs. If you would like to help fund part or all of any of the needs listed, please click on the above DONATE button. May the Lord continue to bless and encourage you during 2016!

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God bless you!