“We’re Excited to See God Moving in Thailand”

“And the word of the Lord was being spread throughout all the region.”—Acts 13:49

Marshal A., originally from Nigeria, found himself in prison in Thailand, serving a lengthy sentence for drug-related offenses. A friend from the U.S. sent him some Scripture booklets from World Missionary Press which touched his heart.

From his prison cell in Thailand, Marshal wrote, “Reading your booklets gives me hope and encouragement. I have also been making use of the Bible Reading Plan.” He expressed how grateful he would be to receive anything that could be of help to him and how glad he would be to also share booklets with his fellow inmates. “May God continue to empower World Missionary Press and help you to go further in reaching people who are perishing in sin. Thanks so much for all your efforts in my life and others through your booklets.”

When Marshal’s letter was received at the WMP offices in the USA, it was then sent to WMP’s national coordinator in Thailand for handling. They gladly sent booklets to the prison for Marshal to study and share.

What a demonstration of God’s mercy and grace—to get His message of salvation and hope to a needy soul! God saw Marshal in that prison and moved a friend to send him Scripture booklets from half-way around the world. The Word of God found fertile soil in his heart. His request for more of God’s Word traveled back to the USA and then back to Thailand, where booklets were available and could be sent to his location. Knowing that God has a plan for someone to read and receive His Word in each small booklet spurs us on to prepare the Scripture booklets for all who request them.

Like much of the world, Thailand has been impacted by the virus pandemic. At the beginning, Thailand was second to China with the number of people affected. But as of late July, they were among the best (number 97) in preventing the virus, with no affected persons for 50 days. However, as the director of Every Home for Christ Thailand, a WMP partner ministry, reports, “Millions are affected financially. Many are unemployed. People are fearful and have lost hope for the future.”

“Praise God,” she wrote, “that He is turning the coronavirus to be a blessing to Thai people through His Word! We sent out packages of gospel portions, including your small booklets, The Way to God and Help from Above, inside each package, together with a rice bag and some dry food. Our food distribution receives very positive input about the love and concern of Christians toward society. People are far more open to the gospel than in the past.… Many local churches have asked us for gospel books to give out with their food as well. Many churches are giving daily personal-use items to prisoners who have no relatives to visit them during this time of need, along with the booklets they get from us.”

As she expressed thankfulness for supplying EHC Thailand with Scripture booklets in large quantities, she concluded: “They are the small but powerful Word of God that one can carry along anywhere and read at any place at any time. May God bless you and WMP richly.”

In Thailand, a nation of 69 million people, of whom 94.6% are Buddhists and only 1% listed as Christian, God is moving! The Thai people are receiving the Word.

-A man who regularly travels from the UK to Thailand takes WMP Scripture booklets with him.

-A distributor from Australia planning to visit Thailand requested Help From Above in Thai to share.

-A group from the USA traveled to Thailand with Scripture booklets, describing their trip as “very fruitful” and thanking WMP for the booklets.

-A lady in Bangkok who hands Scripture booklets to taxi drivers and monks also shares booklets in Punjabi with Pakistani refugees.

-A man from Chiang Mai, Thailand, asked for individual copies to help him learn about God and Jesus Christ and understand Christians and the Good News!

WMP will soon be sending a new shipment of Scripture booklets in the Thai language to help keep God’s Word spreading throughout this nation. The one million booklets being prepared for Thailand will provide seed for the sowers, promising a continued harvest.

[You can help provide God’s Word for Thailand and other nations of the world. Every donated dollar provides for producing 26 powerful Scripture booklets in the languages of the people. An investment of $100 will touch the lives of 2,600 people; $1,000 will impact 26,000 people who need to know God.]



Grateful Quotes

“Man! I would love some of these to share!”

“I am a believer, saved, and so very grateful for my salvation!

“I was in my doctor’s office recently and as I was waiting, I started looking for something to read. On the table in front of me were a number of full-size magazines, but what stuck out to me was this little booklet called The Way to God! I was able to sit there and read the whole booklet, and I never heard or told the story nearly as well and complete as that little booklet tells the story! Then I thought, “MAN!!! I would love to have some of these to share!” That’s when I read on the back that I could order a few from you!

“I would like to order 50 booklets, or if that’s too many, whatever you can send will be just fine. I would like them in English please.

“I am a youth and adult Sunday School teacher, and I have a new, small nursing-home ministry. I would love to be able to share this beautiful little book with others.”

—Harold L., Ohio



Meet the Team

Jackie H.



All my life my family has worked and volunteered at World Missionary Press. I enjoy volunteering—not only to help out, but because the booklets are freely given, I enjoy volunteering even more. I’ve volunteered here on and off for about five years. I mainly help with mailings, but sometimes I also make boxes or work on the bindery. I love the friendly, cheerful environment at the Press.

When I’m not volunteering, I enjoy playing the piano, drawing, writing stories, and being outdoors. I have four brothers and nine sisters. My sister, Jenny, and my brother, Joel, have both worked at World Missionary Press within the past few years. I love to spend time with my family, especially my in-laws and nieces and nephews.



WMP Partners Around the World

Jim T.



More than half the population of Honduras lives in poverty. For more than 20 years WMP has supplied free literature to major ministry partners who share the Word of God and the love of Christ with the people of Honduras. Jesus Es Real Ministry has provided valuable assistance by receiving container shipments into Honduras and has also used the Scripture booklets in their own programs.


WMP: Jim, please describe your background and current ministry.

Jim: I have been a self-employed businessman my entire life. In January 2009 I felt led to form and organize a 501(c)3 religious non-profit, the Ministry Jesus Es Real (www.JesusReal.org) with a focus on Honduras. Since I am fluent in Spanish, I preach at churches, prisons, and events. Jesus Es Real has outreaches to prisons, single mothers, churches, schools, municipalities, hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, and the general public. Each year we ship 8-12 containers to Honduras, filled with school and medical supplies, wheelchairs, food, clothing, shoes, sewing machines, and much more.


WMP: How long have you been involved in distributing WMP literature?

Jim: Jesus Es Real began our affiliation with WMP also in 2009. We were introduced to WMP through the late Don Wollard of Abundance Ministries. He is survived by his wife, Linda.


WMP: Do you face any challenges in openly distributing literature in Honduras?

Jim: Honduras has always openly welcomed the distribution of Bible literature.


WMP: How has having free literature affected evangelism in your country?

Jim: The pastors that we send out into the communities have told me, “When we were looking for a reason to talk to the people in our area, it was always awkward. However, having food and Scripture booklets helps us open the door to evangelizing.” These booklets are a door-opener for persons evangelizing communities from door to door. They give the churches a tool to open the door and lead people to Christ. These booklets are slowly read and meditated upon inside of prisons. The general public—in this time of COVID-19, shut inside their homes—are more prone to pick them up and read.


WMP: How effective are the topical Scripture booklets in your country?

Jim: We honestly would not support this WMP program if it weren’t so effective in winning souls. WMP literature has played a bigger role in our ministry this year—2020—than ever before. People are looking for answers. No matter if we are out beating the streets giving out food through our feeding programs or counseling prisoners, the Bible literature is invaluable. We include a How to know God booklet with every item we donate. Even during these times of shut-down, we are still harvesting 20-50 decisions for Christ consistently each and every week.


WMP: How long does a shipment of WMP literature last?

Jim: Jesus Es Real has played a role in helping WMP deliver numerous 40-foot containers to key distributors in Honduras. Typically, one container per year seems to be sufficient for a one-year distribution for many churches and ministries.