Help from Above in Times of Crisis

“My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.” —Psalm 121:2

Across the globe, nations are in crisis, their people fearful, looking for hope. War, drought, political upheaval, disease, natural disaster—all can bring people to the brink of despair. As believers reach out with the love of God, they take with them words of hope and security that can come only from the Creator who loves everyone with an unfathomable love. Here is true help from above, the only source of lasting peace and comfort.

World Missionary Press Scripture booklets, available in 348 languages, are an invaluable tool in giving lasting comfort. Food for the body is accompanied by food for the soul. Water to alleviate thirst and prevent disease is shared with an introduction to the One who offers living water.

Once prosperous, Venezuela is in turmoil as hunger, violent crime, and political unrest have led more than three million from their homeland to seek survival and safety in other countries. We praise God for opportunities to minister to those who have left Venezuela and settled in Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Chile, and Argentina. Our national coordinator in Brazil asked for a special order (500,000 copies) of The Way to God booklets in Spanish. “With the political problem in Venezuela, very large numbers of immigrants are coming from that country, and with this there is a great opportunity to evangelize them.”

As personal crises deepen in Venezuela, the need for God’s Word grows greater. WMP will be sending a container of almost one million Scripture booklets, Bible studies, and New Testaments to our national coordinator there in response to his request for material while the door is still open to receive the shipment.

Frontline Fellowship reports from Sudan that while the news from that nation is filled with talk of war, riots, poverty, and persecution, their team experienced firsthand the powerful advance of Christ’s Church and a hunger for spiritual truth.

“More and more pathways for the gospel and discipleship are opening up in Sudan. I am constantly hearing testimonies of Sudanese coming to Christ in unconventional ways. Hundreds have surrendered to Jesus in refugee camps around North Africa. Many asylum seekers have heard the gospel, living in safer countries. People from all over Sudan have come to Christ through the opportunities made available by the effects of war. Some of these people are going back into Sudan to share the Good News with their families and friends.” —John C., South Africa

A recent WMP shipment to Frontline Fellowship included two million Scripture booklets in 15 languages for teams to distribute in countries from South Africa to Sudan. Here again, the joy of offering the Word of God in the language of each country is found in the ready acceptance of the booklets.

Civil unrest in Central African Republic has engulfed much of the country in violence and destruction. Hundreds of churches have been burned and yet the Spirit of the Lord cannot be deterred. A recent message from WMP’s national coordinator in CAR clearly describes the faithfulness of God’s people no matter the situation:

“Despite the very difficult environment under which our brethren are called to work, much progress is being made. With more than half of the country under rebel control, opportunities to share Christ with Muslims and nominal believers have never been greater.

“Just across the Oubangui river from Bangui, CAR is the town of Zongo in Democratic Republic of the Congo. We plan to open a new depot there to serve cities and towns in northern Congo with Scripture booklets. With new entry in our Bible schools and short-term missions teams preparing to reach many target areas in the region in August/September, our present stock of booklets and New Testaments is sure to be depleted. Kindly send us one 40-foot container and one 20-foot container for the depot in DRCongo in the first quarter of 2020.” —Edet O., Central African Republic

A report from Global Media Outreach noted that “12,000 Christians were physically attacked for their Christian beliefs in India in 2018. A recent report showed Christians in India experience ‘extreme persecution’ for their belief in Jesus. However, data suggests the gospel is still spreading at a record pace.”

In the face of growing persecution, Christians in India continue sharing their faith and showing the love of Christ, refusing to retaliate against those who falsely accuse or even attack them, their families, and their churches. Voice of the Martyrs reports that “despite greater government restrictions on Christianity, the Church is growing. The most growth is among those with Hindu backgrounds who have a deep spiritual hunger.” To support Indian Christians in their continuing ministries to all of India, WMP has recently sent another 40-foot container (2 million booklets) to our national coordinator, with three more container orders in process, one for our coordinator and two for another major distributor. Along with printing in India, WMP will have provided 20 million booklets for India this year.

These scenarios are being repeated in several other countries as well. In each case WMP works with national coordinators and major distributors to get the Word of God into the hands of those in crisis, offering hope and peace in a dark world. To do this we must have the resources available to send. Our partners are looking to us to aid in the rescue!

Summer has brought a cutback in our monthly production due to lower than budgeted monthly income. This means distributors waiting for new supplies will need to wait even longer. Our staff is praying daily for the Lord to provide the resources to not only get back to producing the equivalent of 7 million Scripture booklets per month, but to increase to a much higher monthly production level that will see shipments going out with exciting frequency and joy.

Will you help those standing up to the Enemy by providing God’s Word as their most effective weapon?


[You can help provide Scriptures for nations in crisis. Every donated dollar provides for production of 26 powerful Scripture booklets for people in their own language. Investing $100 will touch the lives of 2,600 people; $1,000 will impact 26,000 people who need to know God.]


Grateful Quotes


I gave my life to Christ 25 years ago.

“I pray and pass out WMP Scripture booklets daily. Twenty-five years ago, I gave my life to Christ after reading Who Am I That a King Would Die in My Place? I thank God for WMP and all the people who support this ministry.” —Isac G., Michigan



Meet the Team

Volunteers for Mailings

Volunteers have formed an integral part of World Missionary Press from the very beginning. Retirees, teens, adult Sunday-school groups, home-schoolers, and individuals find joy in stuffing envelopes and fellowshipping with other volunteers.

Over the course of 3 days each month, 20-25 volunteers (about 8-10 volunteers per day) stuff 16,000 envelopes with the WMP newsletter and other material. The average stuffing rate is about 1,000 newsletters per hour, saving considerable expense. What a blessing they are! And they receive a blessing as well.


I enjoy helping with the mailing to let others know what an amazing work goes on at World Missionary Press.” —Edna M.


“I enjoy the fellowship while serving the Lord with others.” —Joann M.


“The best thing that I like is knowing that God’s Word is going out to brothers and sisters in Christ who are not as fortunate as we are to have the Word. I also enjoy the fellowship. What could be better than to send out God’s Word and to enjoy fellowship with other sisters in Christ? Highlight of my month for sure.” —Coral M.


“I enjoy the environment as well as getting God’s Word out.” —Laura B.


Other mailings (introductory packets, letters to chaplains, Scripture-text Datebooks sent to prisoners, annual dinner invitations and DVD’s) also keep the volunteer room humming. Some volunteers are not able to assist on our bindery or other duties, but they can sit at a table and work with their hands and hearts, being a part of what God is doing through World Missionary Press.

Mailing volunteers work flexible hours between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm on stuffing days. Some bring a snack or, if staying for the day, bring their lunch and eat in the kitchen with the staff. We are looking for additional volunteers to help during the winter months, when retirees often head south and teachers are back in school.


“We appreciate our volunteers giving of their valuable time to impact the world for Christ. They are making a difference and serving an important purpose in the work of the Lord. Thank you to all who help make this possible!”

—Karen M., WMP Volunteer Coordinator



WMP Partners Around the World

Soles for Jesus

Sub-Saharan Africa


It is always exciting when the Lord brings His people together to accomplish His purpose. Ministries with different emphases and contacts find themselves sharing in unique ways, being blessed and blessing people in distant places with God’s love. World Missionary Press has been privileged to partner with Soles for Jesus in several African countries. Meeting material needs in a spirit of servanthood opens hearts to receive the written Word of God.

Recently, Soles for Jesus (SFJ) contacted WMP regarding additional future joint shipments (shoes and Scripture booklets). Looking over the open orders and production status, we found that both ministries were preparing shipments for Lesotho in southern Africa. In just a matter of days, WMP shipped 632,000 Scripture booklets in English and Sesotho to the SFJ facility in Wisconsin to be combined with 4 pallets of donated shoes to share with the people of Lesotho. What a joy to see the Lord direct in such a wonderful way!

A second project for this year was also discussed, and plans were made to send a 20-foot container with 5 pallets of WMP literature and 5 pallets of shoes to Mozambique.

WMP is organizing a campaign to gather new or lightly-used shoes here at our plant in New Paris, Indiana, wrapping up during our Open House Saturday afternoon, October 19, 2019. The shoes will then be sent to SFJ for processing. This is a unique opportunity for this area to show the love of Christ to adults and children in Mozambique who do not own a pair of shoes or who have outgrown what they have. Would your church or business like to be a collection point? Questions can be directed to WMP at 574-831-2111. Those who live too far away to bring shoes to WMP can contact SFJ directly at 414-365-1392 about being involved in this exciting opportunity.

Diane Studer of Soles for Jesus will be sharing as a Field Flash speaker at our annual Anniversary Dinner on October 19, 2019 at Maple City Chapel, Goshen, Indiana. Since 2009 SFJ has provided 476,000 shoes for the people of Sub-Saharan Africa in countries such as Ethiopia, Sudan, Tanzania, and Swaziland. They offer an amazing way to be involved in providing for some of the 853,000,000 people of that part of Africa. Please visit the SFJ website at and learn “Why Shoes?”, “Ideas for Involvement,” and “How to Host a Shoe Drive Anywhere.” Or contact them by Email at

WMP will soon be printing Scripture booklets for the upcoming Mozambique joint shipment. The five pallets from WMP will include 619,000 items in five languages, primarily Shona, Chisena, and Ndau. Donations toward this timely need can be made by calling WMP and referring to the special shipment for Mozambique. A $50.00 donation will provide Scripture booklets for 1,300 individuals as they are fitted with a pair of shoes in the name of Jesus.


Past collaboration between WMP and SFJ in Zambia resulted in a report that warmed our hearts. A village that had been closed to the gospel was open to receiving the gift of shoes for the people. As the shoes and Scripture booklets were shared, hearts were opened to the gospel message as well and new life entered that village. God used WMP and SFJ as a united team to open a door that was once shut.