The Harvest Is Ripe and Ready to Be Gathered In!

Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.” —Matthew 9:37-38

As Jesus finished His earthly mission and prepared to return to the Father, He gathered His disciples and entrusted to them the task of telling the whole world about Him and His teachings. He had prepared them with the assurance that He would be with them. His story was, and is, for all people everywhere and in every age. God had prepared the harvest and now the laborers were sent out.

For 2,000 years believers have been sharing the gospel and reaping a harvest of souls. Today that challenge is still upon us. With an exploding world population and attacks from the enemy of man’s soul, the work may seem impossible. But God promised to honor His Word and Jesus promised to be with us. Joyfully, the harvest is coming in!

WMP President, Harold Mack, considers Scripture booklets to be “laborers” in this great harvest field. They offer a uniquely detailed description of God’s love for all and His plan to restore man to the fellowship for which he was created.

From all over the globe requests come in for more and more booklets as distributors recognize the effectiveness of this simple presentation of Scripture and the hunger for God’s Word. Reports from Denmark speak of the 1,500 souls from Arab-speaking nations and 1,500 from Farsi- and Dari-speaking backgrounds who have come to the Savior in the past few years, using the “very Biblical and efficient materials from WMP. So the seeds are bearing fruit.”

Scripture booklets go into unchartered territories in Africa, gang-infested neighborhoods in the USA, Mexican prisons, and crowded cities in India. A pastor in Nigeria found the booklets “wonderful and inspiring” and a blessing in his various ministries. His comment echoed that of hundreds of distributors, “Please, I need more booklets.” A national coordinator in Africa wrote that his newly-received shipment would cover only 30 percent of the requests. He needs larger shipments with more regularity!

As reflected in the table of Upcoming Freight Shipments by Region on page 4, shipments are currently needed for 56 countries! Many of these orders are for national coordinators and major distributors who have used up all their WMP material and are eagerly awaiting a new supply. Workers in Argentina, Mexico, Tanzania, Bolivia, Nigeria, and Kazakhstan continue to ask when their shipment might come! The vision and passion of the workers and the role of the Scripture booklets is pointedly expressed in this communique from Every Home for Christ in the Philippines:

“To achieve the goal of the Oikos Initiative, we are distributing the FREE evangelism materials received from the World Missionary Press (WMP) and Revival Movement Association (RMA). It means we have to visit the Philippines’ 17 regions, 81 provinces, 145 cities, and 1,489 municipalities (total population 104.9 million). This will entail traveling the archipelago by air, sea, or land. It may be as comfortable as a ride on a premium bus or as rough as an off-road ride on a motorbike or as strenuous as a long trek on foot. All efforts are for God’s glory. We and our partners have embraced our role in this mission—to bring the message from the shipping crate to each home. The gospel booklets that we receive are fuel that makes our mission move. To God be all the glory!”

New opportunities and partnerships continue to open as God reminds us of His vast company of harvesters “bringing in the sheaves.” We see the Lord providing staff, equipment, wisdom, and these new open doors. We are excited at how WMP can help in the reaping of the ready harvest through God’s Word in 348 languages and the effectiveness of the body of Christ working as one to fulfill Christ’s parting command.

We are reminded that often the gospel is carried into dangerous places and those who name the name of Jesus endure hardship and persecution. It is to those we owe our fullest possible support.

“We thank you again for your valuable partnership to share the good news of salvation to the millions in India (population 1.35 billion). Please pray for our distributors, who are sowing the seed in the midst of threats and persecution.”

—E. V., India

A European diplomat in an African country wrote WMP, asking for Scripture booklets in five languages to share with street children and orphans in the city where he is posted. Through his job he has access to remote parts of the country where he can dispatch booklets. He had seen a copy of The Way to God booklet on the desk of a coworker who had received it while traveling. His comment was, “It’s an emergency to share them. Absolute emergency!”

WMP’s stated goal of printing 10 million (equivalency) per month as God provides the funds is just the next step. Our prayer is to be able to keep all our faithful partners supplied so that they always have Scripture booklets to take from village to village and door to door. As new churches, individuals, and ministries encounter the booklets, the requests will continue to grow. Distributors continue to send reports of a moving of the Spirit of God among Muslims, young people, prisoners, and those who have heard the gospel for the first time. The harvest is ready. We must work while it is day because we have no promise of time; we do not know when this day of opportunity will end. As the African diplomat reminds us, it is an absolute emergency!

[You can help provide Scriptures as laborers in reaping God’s worldwide harvest. Every donated dollar provides for production of 26 powerful Scripture booklets. Investing $100 will touch the lives of 2,600 people; $1,000 will impact 26,000 people who need to know God.]



Grateful Quotes

Many immediately sit down to read them.

“We host international mission trips to poverty-stricken villages surrounding Panajachel, Guatemala. While there, our teams build homes for the homeless, feed villages, give families clean water filter systems, and provide medical care via mobile medical clinics.

“We also give out clothing, shoes, and basic hygiene products and would like to give out [WMP] booklets to share the gospel with every Guatemalan we have the opportunity to witness to. These booklets have been so impactful in our mission work, and we have seen lives changed through them! When we give them out in the villages, many immediately sit down on the side of the road, on a nearby rock, or even in a field, to read them. We are so very thankful for your organization!”

—E. B., South Carolina


Meet the Team

<Your Name Here>

 Web Press Operator


Could you be the next addition to the WMP team? After decades of faithful service, our Web Press Supervisor is retiring! We are looking for an energetic, mechanically proficient, detail-oriented person, to assist the lead press operator on our Robertson-King web printing press. Our web press prints the inside pages of all of our Scripture booklets, Bible studies, and New Testaments. Black ink applied to blank rolls of paper (averaging 1,500 pounds) brings that paper to life with the words of Scripture in hundreds of languages!

Imagine, playing a key role in producing millions of Scripture booklets each month, booklets with the potential of changing lives for eternity!

Previous experience operating a printing press is helpful but not required. Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Loading rolls of paper, using a hoist;
  • Changing plates;
  • Bundling folded signatures coming from the press;
  • Cleaning and maintaining the press;
  • Learning every facet of operating the press.

You may also be involved in helping operate other print-shop equipment.

This is an excellent opportunity to get in on the ground floor with this high-speed press, with the potential to become a lead press operator. We are looking for someone who wants to be part of a team impacting the world with the Good News!



WMP Partners Around the World

Reaching the Outskirts

God has always had His servants in places that may not be noticeable or recognized.

Elijah complained that he had openly stood up to the prophets of Baal and declared the one true God but was now being hounded and threatened. He moaned that he was the only true servant of God left in Israel.

One of God’s lessons for Elijah that day was that He had many servants Elijah knew nothing about. They were operating at His direction in His place of appointment.

World Missionary Press is privileged to provide Scripture booklets for many who toil in harvest fields tucked away in rural areas, in remote areas where traditional beliefs are rarely challenged, and where life continues much the same from generation to generation.

For 28 years a Mexican pastor has carried the gospel to various tribes of Indians in the remote mountains of northern Mexico. Travel must be by horseback, with many nights spent sleeping on the ground. This rugged area is filled with drug trafficking and is dangerous to travelers. Recently a major WMP distributor spent three weeks with this pastor, visiting many indigenous groups and presenting WMP material to pastors and missionaries working in these out-of-the-way places who previously had no idea of the “seeds” of God’s Word available to them from WMP.

In the coal fields of Appalachia (USA), World Missionary Press Scripture booklets have been carried into the hills and valleys, where food for the spirit is as critically needed as food for the body.

“Poverty physically and poverty of spirit is everywhere! The need for hope, comfort, and salvation is a constant; therefore, the Word brings it all. Scripture booklets printed by World Missionary Press bring hope, comfort, and salvation to the people in Appalachia.”

—Green Pasture Ministries

Green Pasture Ministries has introduced many regional churches and ministries to WMP in the past 18 years. Through their vision, the gospel is being carried into small towns hidden deep in the mountains of the eastern United States. A network of faithful, often unnoticed, believers is working the harvest fields in obedience to the Lord of the Harvest.

Brother Darrel, who learned of WMP through Green Pasture Ministries, uses Scripture booklets in his thrift store in Kentucky. He wrote, “The outreach availability is huge.”

Angel M. wrote to WMP from the North Island of New Zealand: “Just wanting to say thank you so much for your commitment to sharing Jesus’ good news for our children…especially reaching the outskirts, too.”

“Go ye into all the world” means “Go ye into ALL the world”! We praise God for those willing to go to the small places, the places that are hard to reach, the remote places, the places on the outskirts. There they leave the written Word of God to declare His love for ALL.