Let the heavens rejoice, and let the earth be glad; and let them say among the nations, “The Lord reigns.” (1 Chronicles 16:31)


World Missionary Press supports evangelism efforts around the globe through topical Scripture booklets in more than 350 languages. This support includes our own country, the USA. Each week WMP sends approximately 250,000 Scripture booklets to distributors who use a variety of methods to reach those in their neighborhoods with the gospel of hope and salvation through Jesus Christ.


People share the booklets when distributing food parcels, in prisons and hotels, with tourists and waiters, at farmers markets, flea markets, county fairs, concerts, Bible clubs, and vacation Bible schools. In Michigan, William uses The Way to God booklet in Spanish at an evangelistic booth in his city’s festival. He also puts them in gift baskets for seasonal farm workers.


When distributors place their orders, they often explain why they chose a certain booklet. Cherie from New Hampshire uses WMP booklets to witness to homeless people in her county. “I was very moved by the clarity and thoroughness of the gospel message presented through the booklet Who Am I That a King Would Die in My Place? It’s an incredibly powerful booklet.”


A ministry that provides free hot meals to those in Brooklyn also has a Vacation Bible School attended by many children from the community. “We find the beautiful artwork of these booklets [God Loves You!] gets the attention of young readers and older adults alike.”


The booklets allow a church in New Mexico to “start conversations, relationships, and fellowship with our community.” A police officer in Washington State explains, “I am sent to many people who need the gospel. I see them during moments that are often pivotal in their lives with great distress.” Topical Scripture booklets provide a “concise method of evangelism.”


Approximately 20% of the weekly shipments within the USA include languages other than Spanish and English. Misse E. of Florida tells us, “My elderly mother’s caregivers speak Kreyol. I’m giving these Kreyol booklets to them and they are eager to give them to their friends.”


The USA is home to a large number of refugees, immigrants, people groups, and languages. Whether the language is Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Soomali, or Italian, the Word of God is the same.  “I come from a Telugu-speaking place,” Prem V., in Indiana, pleads. “I need to share the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with my mom and other family members who don’t read or speak English.”


David C. relates that a street evangelist in Mesa, Arizona introduced him to our booklets. “Now that I have discovered WMP, I use the booklets for evangelism to Navajo Native Americans who come in from the reservation.”


Praise God for all who are witnessing for the Lord here at home!


[Every donated dollar provides for the production of 21 powerful Scripture booklets for people across the continents in their own language. An investment of $100 will help reach 2,100 people with portions of God’s powerful Word; $1,000 will help provide booklets for 21,000 people who need to have hope in God.]






Praise God for the Every School for Christ Campaigns in Liberia


“The OIKOS Strategic team of Every Home for Christ Liberia is bringing blessings and peace to parents and school authorities through the propagation of God’s Word. Many young minds are being set free from the bondage of sin and temptations through this program. This OIKOS outreach took place at Tender Hearts School in Neezoe community. This school hosts 1,500 pupils, many of which are Muslim by birth. The World Missionary Press beautiful Scripture booklet God Loves You! made an impact as 146 made the decision to be born again as believers and 310 raised their hands for rededication. It was a joyful day as Christ’s love was exhibited through our OIKOS team.” –Jonel W.


Tara D., Prison Ministry Coordinator


I first learned of WMP at my former company’s job fair in Warsaw, Indiana. Instantly feeling the call to be a part of WMP’s support of prison ministries, I phoned my pastor to pray and applied that day.


I am very blessed to have received the job offer and happy to be in the service of the Lord on a daily basis. Through emails, letters, and phone calls, I submit chaplain and inmate orders for Scripture booklets. Being an artist myself, I greatly enjoy seeing the prisoner’s artwork and testimonies from those touched by God’s Word.


Although I was born and raised in a Christian home, life has rarely been a green pasture due to the burden of war. Much like Job and even Joseph, my family has suffered many losses and devastating circumstances, but God has preserved our family’s future as a testimony for His kingdom. Deuteronomy 31:8 says the Lord himself “doth go before thee…he will not fail thee, neither forsake thee: fear not neither be dismayed.”


As the daughter of a U.S. Vietnam veteran and sibling to a brother within the prison system, this ministry has given me a purpose-driven goal to share Christ’s love and freedom with those who oftentimes feel forgotten and treated as less than a person. I was only 17 years of age when my father suddenly passed without explanation. It was confirmed by the VA over a decade later that he died from Agent Orange. Just as my father served and died to protect every person’s freedom to liberty and justice, Jesus Christ died for everyone’s sins. May we never forget the purpose of Christ’s sacrifice.