Only God Can Give True Freedom

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” —John 8:32

By her own testimony, 36-year-old Claudette lived a drug-controlled life of debauchery and delinquency. Unmarried, and with two children to care for, she felt friendless and needy. One day visitors came to her African village. They told her about Jesus and gave her a Scripture booklet. As Claudette realized that only Jesus could forgive her sins and give her His salvation, she received Him as her Savior, deciding to let Him guide her life. Now she says, “I am glad that The Way to God booklet is helping me in my relationship with Christ.”

With a band of young criminals, Barto began robbing churches! During one robbery he saw a backpack and took it along. In it he found a Bible with some literature. As he read and reread The Way to God, a Scripture booklet that had been tucked in the Bible, confusing emotions filled his heart. He felt hope, but also a deep sense of guilt pressed on his heart for things he had done. With a sense of urgency, he called the phone number inside the Bible and found someone who tenderly led him to faith in Christ.

The freedom Claudette and Barto found can be found only in Christ. Freedom and power to do His will, freedom from the bondage of sin and fear, freedom to live in joy and peace in any circumstances—this can come only through Jesus Christ.

When much of the world was in lockdown, WMP was free to remain open (in accordance with our state’s directive) to print and ship precious Scripture portions (see page 4). Though missing our invaluable volunteer groups, WMP staff was able to produce the equivalent of 7.5 million Scripture booklets in April and 8.9 million in May!

Many boxes of booklets were shipped to those sharing through feeding programs, Bible-study mailings, and even COVID-19 testing sites. In Texas, an influx of Burmese-speaking patients in need of COVID-19 testing were offered testing at a church which engaged spiritually with each patient, usually handing a tract to each one. “We do not have anything to give our Burmese-speaking patients,” wrote T.A. and requested How to Know God in Burmese.

The urgency is almost tangible as we receive reports from distributors around the world.

WMP’s coordinator in Finland reports that more material is sought every day. “The coronavirus creates fear in people, and many want to hear what Jesus can offer and [how He can] help. So now is a really good time to share God’s Word.” While other forms of work are on hiatus, they can spend the summer doing the work of sharing the good news.

From Ecuador we received a report from Christians working with a ministry providing food for people living on the street. “We are reaching out to them to feed them, to pray for them, and to give them a John and Matthew booklet. God gives us wisdom so that His Word comes in this time of uncertainty and fear. They are young people who live on drugs, but at the same time they want to read the Word of God and have us pray for them.”

Dr. Peter Hammond of Frontline Fellowship wrote, “We must never allow distractions, danger, disappointments, or determined opposition to deter us from obeying Christ’s Great Commission.… The lifeblood of the Church is its evangelistic zeal. No matter what the situation or how adverse the circumstances may seem to be, our Lord’s command is to ‘Preach the Word! Be ready in season and out of season.…’ (2 Timothy 4:2).”

Many times, WMP has experienced special moments when God moved to accomplish His purpose when things looked bleak, reinforcing the urgency and eternal implications of getting His Word to the world. Over the past year, our staff had been working on a shipment of Scripture booklets in Russian for Kazakhstan. Detailed requirements had to be closely followed. Some doubted that it would be possible. Step by step the shipment was prepared, and on February 5, 2020, the container left our warehouse. Prayers followed the shipment to a port in Lithuania and on to its destination and clearing through customs. On May 12, 2020, during COVID-19 restrictions, the pallets arrived at the church that will house and distribute the booklets! (See photo at top of page 1.)

In mid-May, eight boxes of the Gospel of John printed in Dari especially for Afghanistan, were sent to Jad G. in Colorado Springs by UPS as soon as they came off the bindery. A member of the U.S. military had been taking material in, but it was uncertain how long he would be assigned to Afghanistan. When this man called Jad from the airport, asking if there was anything he could take, Jad had to say “No.” But while he was on the phone, Jad’s secretary said there was a delivery at the door. Jad asked her to find out if it was from WMP. It was! Jad told the man he would meet him at the airport. The boxes were put into the car; Jad drove to the airport and pulled into the parking lot—right next to this man! The boxes were handed over and soon were in the air on the way to God’s special destination in Afghanistan!

What a wonderful, loving God we serve! How blessed we are to be part of His work around the world, providing the truth that makes men free!

[You can help provide the truth of God’s Word for the nations of the world. Every donated dollar provides for producing 26 powerful Scripture booklets in the languages of the people. An investment of $100 will touch the lives of 2,600 people; $1,000 will impact 26,000 people who need to know God.]



Grateful Quotes

She could still witness if she had material to pass out.

“My mother is 75 years old and before the COVID-19, she was very active and independent. When she would go out on the bus to buy her groceries or go to the gym, she would witness to people about the Lord Jesus Christ.

“Now she feels useless, for she no longer can come near people to witness to them. One day when my brother drove her to get her groceries, at the parking lot she started telling people, Jesus loves you. Seek Him. As she saw people passing by, she had an idea and told my brother that she was wasting time because she could still witness to people if she had material to pass out instead of trying to talk to them.

“We know about your ministry, for my mother used to go on missionary trips and sometimes she would order Spanish booklets from your ministry to hand out. My request is if you would be able to send me some of those booklets so when she goes out to get her groceries, she can pass them out. The booklets we ordered in the past were The Way to God in English and Spanish.

“Thank you for all your hard labor and may the Lord continue to bless you.”

—Monica G., California



Meet the Team

Jonathan B.

Web Press Assistant


I grew up in New Paris, Indiana, and had known about World Missionary Press from a young age. I was in desperate need of a job, and my prayers were answered when I came across a position open at WMP. I knew that there would be nothing more fulfilling as a job than helping to spread the Word of God. I started working here in November of 2019 as a Web Press Apprentice.

What I like best about working at World Missionary Press is that I find the work really fulfilling. After a day’s work, I can go home and know that I have done something of great value—each and every day.

When I am not working, I spend a lot of time on my computer at home and reading books, whether it’s books on Apologetics, Theology, or novels. I also enjoy building computers for family members and friends.

I have three siblings—two older brothers and an older sister. My brother Ian, who graduated from IUSB (Indiana University South Bend) with a journalism degree, likes to play chess and enjoys basketball. My oldest brother, Sam, is a musician involved in a variety of music. He is married and has three young children. My sister, an excellent photo­grapher, is also married and has four children.

Since my dad graduated from Goshen College with a major in Philosophy and a double minor in Theology, he spent a great deal of my childhood teaching me all he could about rational thinking and how to defend the Christian faith from those who would claim it false.



WMP Partners Around the World

Shipments are getting through!

“Excited and looking forward”

With much of the world on lockdown in response to the current pandemic, several WMP container shipments were on their way to national coordinators around the world. What would happen to them? How long would they sit in port or dock storage? WMP’s staff had prayed over each one as it left the warehouse, and we knew that God was in control. He was working! One by one these shipments arrived and were eagerly received by faithful distributors ready to take the Word to people in need of hope.

From South Africa: Jonathan S. wrote, “Despite South Africa being on one of the most severe lockdowns (which for the past five weeks, even mobilized the army to prevent people from exercising or walking the dog outside of the property), we managed to go through all the red tape necessary to clear the shipment.

“On Saturday, regardless of the severe travel restrictions still in force, our office manager managed to get all the papers necessary for several of us to travel through and offload this precious cargo from WMP. The shipment required us to search for a forklift and by God’s grace a Christian-owned business nearby loaned us one of theirs for the day. Our mission manager has had lots of experience driving a forklift, so the 17 pallets on the WMP 40-foot container were off-loaded in record time. Those of us involved in sorting, categorising, and designating the literature were busy until just before sunset.

“We give thanks to God for all those who had a hand in preparing, packaging, loading, shipping, and financing these vital literature resources. For several weeks, our ministry had been receiving desperate and urgent requests for evan­gelism materials. With Table Bay Harbour in lockdown, no ‘non-essential items’ were being delivered and it did not seem that any end to the lockdown was in sight. We praise God for this magnificent and timely answer to many prayers!” (Literature4Africa)

From Liberia: “God moved mightily in helping me to get the container released from our seaport in this Covid-19 crisis. Our government is in Health Emergency, and we have lockdown regulations. We praise God for the blessings.” —Jonel W.

From Zambia: “The container of materials arrived safely without any problems. We also are affected by the Coronavirus. All gatherings have been suspended. This has affected our MTC and frontline trainings. We thank God that despite this, we are able to distribute literature home to home.” —Albert M.

In addition, shipments have been safely delivered in Nigeria, Tanzania, Puerto Rico, Kazakhstan, Argentina, Colombia, and Paraguay. Praise God!

As more shipments are completed and ready to sail, Alison B., WMP Freight Shipments Coordinator, shares the “forward look”:

“Although many countries are experiencing lockdowns and Stay-at-Home orders, our consignees and distributors continue to find creative ways to share the gospel! Orders for Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti, India, Benin, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Gabon, Paraguay, Mali, and Congo Brazzaville will soon be ready to ship. As countries strategize for re-opening, WMP is working diligently with each of our partners to ship as soon as possible. Our distributors continue to express their desire for WMP literature. They see this pandemic as an opportunity to reach the lost. Our Freight Forwarders are providing almost daily updates regarding WMP shipments en route as well as shipments we plan to send soon. We are all excited to see what God does with His Word, and we trust in His timing for each current and future shipment!”

Though we cannot see what is ahead, we can look forward in faith because our God is there and is working to accomplish His divine purpose through His Word!