Special Edition, 2015 Newsletter (pdf) 

A Pivotal Moment in WMP History

NEHEMIAH HAD SEEN GOD AT WORK, permitting him to oversee the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem, providing the tools and the people to do the work, and leading him every step of the way. After the hard work was completed incredibly quickly, it was time to rejoice as the people gathered to recount the amazing things God had done from the time of Abraham to their own day (Nehemiah 9). It was a pivotal moment for their generation – looking forward to a new future while also looking back to remember God’s faithfulness in the past.

World Missionary Press, too, is experiencing a pivotal moment. For 53 years since God raised up this work to publish millions of Scripture booklets in hundreds of languages, we have seen Him work. We saw 2014 as a year of unprecedented enlargement of capacity, while at the same time meeting production goals for the year. Capital acquisitions totaled $759,766, all paid for with designated contributions (including carry-over from the previous year). Upgrades to previously purchased adjoining property included a new loading dock and constructing a covered driveway for lift-truck traffic between buildings. Plant equipment purchased included a 6-color press, new plate-making equipment, paper cutter (to cut large-size press sheets into the size used by our binderies), a replacement Saddle-stitch bindery, and a new Palamides stacker/bundler to speed the bindery process. In spite of the extra time involved by our team in doing a lot of the work and being trained and/or learning new equipment, production levels remained steady at an equivalency volume of nearly 7,500,000 Scripture booklets per month in-plant.

The awesome crescendo of this past year positions us for increased production as God provides the p1bmeans. In this time of rejoicing, will you join us as we “send portions to those for whom nothing is prepared” (Nehemiah 8:10)?Every day God is at work through His Word.

Praise the Lord for His exploits in Africa! Nicky C. of Every Home for Christ (EHC) Anglo Africa division e-mailed us a series of exciting testimonies from various countries in the continent. Sara A., EHC’s national director for Angola,who took up the mantle after her husband’s sudden Home-going, had begged WMP for Scripture booklets for the network of trained distributors poised to reach that nation strategically. In just the month of August, she reported, “we managed to reach a total of 11,921 homes…. Many pastors and churches are grasping the EHC vision because we now have literature …” A total of 1,832 responses were recorded, and 21 new Christ groups were established to handle new believers where churches are not available. “We also praise the LORD for a Christ group that was formed at a nearby police station, with more than 20 police officers regularly attending.”

Yohana K., EHC’s national director for Tanzania, reported, “Many more people have had the opportunity to receive gospel literature in their own tribal languages. We thank and praise God for our ministry partners who continuously supply gospel literature for our evangelism campaigns in different areas in Tanzania! A total of 2,801 people positively responded to the gospel during September.”

Steve B., missionary to Nicaragua, sent thanks for the “tremendous blessing” of a recent shipment. “Monday we will be heading up into the mountains for a week to share with several hundred pastors and church leaders God’s vision to ‘GO’ and preach the gospel. The Scripture booklets couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect time to be able to equip them. Praise the Lord!”

Ron R. wrote from Portland, Oregon, about an encounter he had in a city square with a young Muslim student from Kuwait. After a half-hour conversation about Jesus and the gospel, Ron handed the student an Arabic copy of The Way to God. As he flipped through the booklet, the student came to a page with an illustration of Jesus on the cross. Ron wanted him to know that Jesus loved us and was willing to suffer for our sins, pouring out His life’s blood.

“The student just stared at the picture for a long time and became very quiet,” Ron wrote. “I believe the Holy Spirit was speaking to his heart. The communication of the cross is the very power of God for salvation. He then shook my hand twice, thanked me, picked up all the literature, and slowly walked to the corner, waiting for the signal so he could cross the street. I felt so blessed, so privileged, so humbled, and so very thankful for our time together at the Square.”

Though Ron’s dialogue with the Kuwaiti was challenging (the student’s command of English was very basic), he was blessed to become a channel for Christ’s love, which needs no translation.

As we celebrate exciting growth at WMP, we also celebrate the truly miraculous: the light of Christ’s love illuminating hearts around the world through the printed Word of God. How many more souls will WMP Scripture booklets touchp4dp4c over the next year?

  [You can impact people around the world. Every donated dollar provides for the printing of 25 powerful  Scripture booklets for Christians eager to share God’s Word in the languages of their nation. An investment of $100 will touch the lives of 2,500 people; $1,000 will impact 25,000 people who need to know God.]p2-comp-bigp3a

WMP Staff – Serving as Onep4b

THE TEAM at World Missionary Press includes full-time and part-time paid workers and hundreds of volunteers from 106 different churches (about 600 each month).

The paid staff of 49 has been drawn by the Lord from various parts of the country and equipped by the Lord with diverse talents. From Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Texas, and Kansas – as well as from the surrounding Indiana/Michigan area – they have come in response to God’s call and have given themselves to His purpose.

It is a wonderfully unique and yet Biblical union. The production team – with varying mechanical aptitudes – works hand-in-hand with the pre-press team, which provides print information through their computer skills and training. The finance department – with their knack for numbers – handles donations, keeps us on budget, and cares for all the money matters. The maintenance staff – with their “fix-it” insights and talents – keeps the facilities in good repair and safe. The general office staff – with varying computer and administrative skills – processes orders and correspondence, along with myriad other tasks.

However, the one characteristic of the WMP staff that points so clearly to God’s hand is the diverse background of Christian faith among the group. The forty-nine paid staff members represent at least 20 different churches – Brethren, Mennonite, United Methodist, Assembly of God, Missionary Church, Baptist, Church of God, and non-denominational churches – to name a few. We are one in calling, one in purpose, one in love for the Lord and the souls of men. And because of this willingness to work together with believers from other backgrounds, WMP has experienced a remarkable “length of service” among our staff. Five have served for more than 30 years, and five more have passed 20 years on the job. It is truly a work of the Spirit – putting a love and appreciation in our hearts for each other and for the great privilege of providing the Word of God to the world.