Great Thirst for God’s Word Throughout India

“Then the Word of God spread, and the number of the disciples multiplied . . . .” —Acts 6:7

IN SOME PARTS OF INDIA, accepting Jesus Christ as Savior is considered a crime. Preaching the gospel, sharing a personal testimony, or giving someone a Scripture booklet can bring persecution in various forms, even death. Believers in India are facing ever-increasing pressures from national and state governments as they faithfully follow Jesus’ command to “go and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15). With that commission came the Lord’s affirmation of His authority in heaven and earth and His promise to be with His servants always (Matthew 28:18-20).


It is in this environment that Scripture booklets from World Missionary Press are more and more in demand as ministries, traveling evangelists, and local churches find that the repeatable message of Christian literature can do a unique work. Demand for WMP booklets in India is growing daily as emails, letters, and phone calls come to WMP and as distributors in India reach out to India Bible Literature—WMP’s national coordinator in India—pleading for more booklets.


World Missionary Press is currently involved in printing 20 million booklets for India—with 9.2 million being printed in India and 11 million at our plant in Indiana. This will be only a drop in trying to quench the great thirst for God’s Word throughout India.


Like the history of the Church in the book of Acts, persecution and resistance to the gospel beget a dynamic and growing Church. The story of one WMP distributor reminds us of God’s love for the people of India and His faithfulness to those who will share that love.


Pastor John’s grandfather was a Hindu “Untouchable” who came to Christ after hearing the gospel preached in 1850. In the following years, he established three churches. Pastor John’s father served the Lord all his life and started 11-12 churches before he died in 1975. His son built on the foundations of his father and grandfather and today has 325 home churches, with 3,500-4,000 believers coming together twice a week. Pastor John has trained 77 pastors/overseers, who average over 10 years serving the Lord. Each pastor oversees three or four home churches. Their VBS this year served more than 5,270 children, with 4,266 coming to Christ for salvation.

After visiting WMP and sharing his vision, Pastor John received 5,000 booklets in Telugu. They were distributed within days. He pleaded for more. Larger quantities of booklets are now being sent regularly, providing increasing encouragement for the pastors and a harvest of souls for their labor. Pastor John continues to call for more and more material.


Pastor John is just one of thousands of Indian believers who look to WMP to provide the “silent witness” of Scripture booklets to fulfill God’s plan to bring His Word to the people of India. Many India-based ministries who depend on WMP literature are faith-based ministries with little or no resources to spend for literature. Receiving effective Scripture-based material is not only a wonderful blessing and incentive to continue on, but also a testimony to the Lord’s promise to be with them as they follow His command.


[YOU can help supply powerful Scripture booklets for India and around the world. A gift of $50 will provide for the production of 1,300 Scripture booklets; $200 will help produce more than 5,000 booklets!]



Effectiveness of the Printed Page

Many times we wonder how we can go into the entire world with the gospel in obedience to Matthew 28:18-20. Our hearts yearn to respond, but we feel inadequate and many are not able to go. But—how wonderful that there is the printed page that can be effective in the following ways:


The written Word will go where the human voice cannot go. It crosses language barriers and is never influenced by racial problems. It can sail the oceans, trek the deserts, and trudge the jungle foot-paths of every continent on earth. It can penetrate the crowded cities and reach the sparsely settled countryside, entering sophisticated mansions and village cottages alike. It can tell its story in home or shop, in factory or in field. The written Word is often more powerful than the human voice. They even said of the Apostle Paul, “His letters are weighty and powerful, but his bodily presence is weak and his speech contemptible” (2 Corinthians 10:10). It preaches the same message to the rich and the poor, to the king and the commoner.


It never loses its temper; it never retaliates in anger. It takes no note of scoffs, jeers, or insults. It never tires, but works 24 hours a day—even while we sleep. It is never discouraged, but will tell its story over and over again. It always catches a person in just the right mood to be receptive, for it speaks only as he chooses to listen. It can be received, read, and studied in secret. It gets undivided attention in the quiet hours. The written Word is more permanent than the human voice.


Let us praise the Lord for the printed Word of God that goes where we cannot go and multiplies a ministry beyond our single capabilities.

—Dr. Joyce Scott, Associate Director
India Bible Literature and Founder of L.I.T.



Grateful Quotes


Handing out booklets was a feast!


“We are engulfed with gratitude for our latest consignment of World Missionary Press booklets, which enable us to provide vital literature and love in action for churches, missionaries, and evangelists throughout South Africa and Africa. We praise God for every life touched, every mind renewed, every soul brought under conviction and to conversion as a result of the power of the Word of God printed and proclaimed.


“These testimonies attest of your love, sacrifices, commitment, and vision for the Kingdom of God:


‘From my entry into Modderbee Prison, I handed out many WMP booklets and tracts. In G-section many gave their hearts to Jesus, and I could hand a John/Romans Bible book to each. It was a feast!’ —Jan


‘With the literature provided, we could bless the homeless with the Word of God, and equip youth and other evangelical teams on their mission to spread the gospel. We praise God for all the souls we could reach and for those who surrendered their lives to God.’ —Andre


“Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and support. Without it none of our ministries would be possible.”

—Jonathan S.
a ministry of Frontline Fellowship



Meet the Team


Mike W.


Board Director


I grew up on a farm in southern Illinois and moved to Indiana with my parents in 1985. Since then, I’ve worked in several RV factories, owned and operated a retail bakery and restaurant, and currently have a supervisory role at Newmar, a motor coach RV company.


I became acquainted with WMP when Neil McDowell, a WMP field representative, stopped by our bakery. In no time we were well-supplied with booklets and became close friends. Neil—who pretty much ate, breathed, and slept WMP—gave me a tour, and I was hooked! He and his dear wife are now with the Lord, part of the great “cloud of witnesses” calling us to run this race with patience and endurance.


Seeing ministries all over the world mobilizing to get WMP booklets to people who have never heard of Jesus is certainly one of the most rewarding and motivating parts of serving at WMP, knowing that God’s Word will not return void, and many people will be gloriously saved. When Gutenberg said the printing press would give wings to Truth, he was so right!


I have served on WMP’s board for almost 12 years. It is amazing to see God’s will being accomplished through the prayers, dedication, and hard work of the staff and volunteers, through the sacrificial giving of donors and His raising up qualified leaders in times of transition to continue the vision He planted in the hearts of the founders on the mission field. The adventure of putting budgets in place to produce millions of free booklets with no secure income is always an act of faith. As a member of the board, I simply want to encourage and endorse what God is doing through this ministry.


My wife is an office administrator for our church. We have three sons and one favorite daughter, and now a favorite son-in-law and a favorite daughter-in-law, too (ages 15-25). I enjoy hanging out with them; this usually involves camping, sports, exercise, cookouts, and fellowship.



WMP Partners Around the World


Tom F., Cambodia


From his home in Michigan, Tom F. reaches around the world with the loving arms of Jesus. At seventeen, Tom found himself in the middle of a war. Coming home from Vietnam, he struggled to find peace. At 20, feeling that his life was hopeless, he found a book that reminded him of his own lifestyle. The cover pictured a hiker carrying a backpack. As he read Pilgrim’s Progress, he discovered a way to lose his burden. Jesus was that way.


Since then, Tom’s desire has been to share that same message with the people he fought against as a young man. He regularly travels to Cambodia to provide physical necessities of life as well as the Bread of Life through WMP Scripture booklets. The Lord has also led him to Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Cuba, Bosnia, and Uganda. His tireless passion to share the love of Jesus has brought light into the darkness of homes and villages around the world.


WMP: Tom, please describe your current ministry.


Tom: Here in the States I share Scripture booklets wherever I go. When I speak in churches, I talk about WMP and their outreach to the world and how important it is. We do a winter outreach each year in which we provide coats and boots to children, along with WMP children’s booklets and coloring books.


WMP: How does the availability of free literature help your ministry?


Tom: That’s easy to answer. WMP gives the greatest gift of all, The Word of God. As we go into many countries, we see the importance of going at whatever cost to reach one soul for Jesus. And in going to reach one, we find the opportunity to reach many. We also give booklets to pastors and laymen in areas where the Word is denied. They are able to get them into the hands of persecuted Christians who in turn share with others.


Scripture booklets are given out in the streets, villages, shops, market places—wherever we minister the gospel. We have installed many water wells in Cambodia. This opens once-closed villages. Because of outreach with WMP booklets and the Jesus film, an indigenous pastor now has many cell fellowships. It has been the same in Africa, India, Honduras, and many countries. WMP has been great in getting Scripture booklets to us.


WMP: Can you share a testimony that stands out to you?


Tom: There are so many! Having someone respond to the gospel is the greatest experience. On our most recent trip to Uganda, we put a well in a Muslim village. They had been drinking from a water source filled with animal waste and parasites. We met other needs for clothing, food, shoes, and of course Scripture booklets. The oldest elder in the village came to us and said he was tired of his religion and begged us for more booklets and a Bible. Albert, our indigenous worker, opened the Word to him, using a booklet to show him the way to God. Not only did the older gentlemen have his eyes, ears, and soul glued to what was being shared, so did another young man who could not get enough. They prayed with Albert for the Lord to come into their hearts while other Muslim men stood and watched. Albert reports there has been a revival in that village.


WMP is the right hand of our ministry, as it is for many, for without the Word in the language of the people, we cannot do God’s work.


Tom will be sharing a Field Flash at our Anniversary Dinner celebration October 20. Save the date!


[Visit or scan the QR code on the right to view a video of Tom sharing in a WMP chapel, and to read his testimony.]